The La Belle Medical is equipped with the latest models of ultra-modern equipment; it is distinguished with a high quality of services; the company is staffed with professional personnel.  The clinic is successfully operated by the dermatologists who regularly undergo training courses in Israel as well as attend the  courses lectured by the specialists invited from Europe; also they participate in international congresses and symposia organized in different cities of Europe.

La Belle medical is the exclusive representative of the world known brand SharpLight in the Caucasus.

The SharpLight unique, non-invasive equipment of the newest technology is applied by the leading country in the world. This multifunctional device provides with medical, aesthetic, dermatological features and designed for the procedures such as:

  • Painless removal of hair from face and body surface by a freeze method of DPC technology;
  • Cellulite disintegration with the latest (RF and IR) technology;
  • Laser peeling;
  • Acne treatments;
  • Removal of age and sun spots;
  • Surface capillary removal;
  • Scar bleaching;
  • Pore narrowing;
  • Skin hardening-rejuvenation.