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May 14, 2015

La Belle Be Well (EN)

La Belle Be Well (EN)

Novelty from Israel!

Project - La Belle Be Well is based on the principle that has endured time. Method, which is practiced in many countries and has been successfully implemented even in today daily life. The basic principles of the program developed by the Jewish philosopher and physician Rambam - is based on the centuries-old papers.

Weight loss does not involve the occurrence of success only by losing extra pounds. It includes the acquisition of useful skills, which will help you draw up a diet and change lifestyle. Sometimes, just the motivation and free will is not enough to achieve the goal. To stay healthy, it is necessary to cultivate healthy habits. How do you do that? For that our program offers one of its interesting part - the group meetings.

Psychological state of a human has a great impact on his/her health. Long-term stress, worries, anxiety leads to weakening of the immune system and the formation of various diseases. Healthy lifestyle - proper diet and physical activity can help not only the body but also the mind and the spirit.

Release yourself, change your life, become healthy, free and prosperous person. 

Try it! Nothing to lose, except weight!