Radio Frequency

A cosmetic RF machine is one which utilizes Radio Frequency waves in administration of medaesthetic treatments such as skin blemish removal (mostly facial), skin rejuvenation or unwanted hair reduction (when combined with IPL- Intense Pulse Light or Laser technologies).

Because RF radiation may be used in conjunction with other types of technologies in order to heighten effectiveness of hair reduction treatments and skin rejuvenation therapies leading aesthetic machine manufacturers have began to incorporate more than just one technology into their more advanced models of cosmetic machinery.

What is RF?
In order to understand better the significance and functionality of any RF machine we must first gather what RF radiation is and how it affects human tissues. RF waves, or Radio Frequency waves, are electromagnetic waves at wavelengths of between 1Km and 1cm. Next on the electromagnetic spectrum are microwaves, then infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays.

Tissues in the human body conduct electricity (as they contain a high percentage of water). Although all human tissues generate electrical resistance of some level tissues at problematic areas under the skin will be more resistant to the electromagnetic energy flowing through them. When encountering such heightened resistance the RF electromagnetic flow will cause the tissues responsible for the resistance it encounters to heat up.
Careful control of the frequency and amplitude (“strength” of the wave) enables physicians in med-aesthetic clinics to direct the RF energy at tissues under the skin.

Therapeutic Uses for a RF Machine
An RF Machine is used mainly for administering skin tightening treatments, such treatments are ideal for persons suffering from sagging skin of low to moderate severity. When combined with IPL (Intense Pulse Light) or Laser technologies an RF machine may be used for unwanted hair removal treatments. The adding of RF radiation enables successful administration of the relevant unwanted hair reduction treatment to different skin and hair type and color.

An RF machine is undoubtedly a must in every med-aesthetic company. Whether RF capabilities are unique to a certain cosmetic machine or incorporated into a single apparatus along with one or more other technologies (namely Laser and/or IPL).