As a leader in med-aesthetic technology development, SharpLight designs innovative, effective, non-invasive laser and light-based systems for a range of treatment applications; and supplies these advanced technologies to businesses in the Canadian medical aesthetic and cosmetic industries.

SharpLight is well suited to provide you with comprehensive cosmetic technology and business solutions. More than a manufacturer, we have a rich and diverse history in the industry, beginning in the clinical corporate environment before founding the manufacturing company in 2004. Furthermore, we are a part of the American Laser Group (AML), which owns the largest chain of aesthetic clinics in Israel; and, finally, we currently employ a team of internationally recognized R&D engineers, as well as highly qualified clinical and marketing professionals.

Our experience, as well as our current network and resources, enables us to truly understand both client and practitioner needs and enables to promote your business through multiple avenues. In addition to designing and offering you innovative med-aesthetic technologies that are targeted to your clients, we provide you with personalized on-going technical and marketing support. In terms of products, we offer high quality, progressive platforms that use a variety of technologies, such as energy-based dynamic pulse control (DPC), multi-polar radio frequency (RF), lasers and infrared. These platforms perform a wide range of treatment applications, such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation, cellulite reduction, acne treatments, fat reduction, sun damage treatments, body contouring and tattoo removal, among several other treatments.

All of our advanced systems are developed in Israel, the world’s hub for laser and light-based technology manufacturing. Our forward-thinking and expert team is dedicated towards progress and quality, ensuring that we are setting the highest industry standard for the effectiveness, cost-efficiency, safety and reliability of med-aesthetic devices. SharpLight responds quickly to market needs and we are committed to developing advancements that help you improve your clients’ appearances and increase your business’ profitability.

While our research and development is conducted in Israel, our customer service is handled from our head office, located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).As a SharpLight client, you have access to a technical team to train you, a clinical team to answer any on-going questions you may have and a marketing team to provide you with an array of promotional materials, including a business toolkit. From your research phase to your implementation to your daily use of SharpLight technologies – we are by your side every step of the way. - See more at: