ISO Italia

The Zonta family, who currently own I.SO Italia, began to produce tanning equipment in 1980. During the first few years, the company dedicated itself solely to the production of solariums for large business enterprises. Only in 1986, once they had matured considerable experience in the sector, did the Zonta family decide to expand onto the market and set up their own brand. I.SO Italia was born.

I.SO Italia's commercial network is composed of eleven exclusive authorized dealers in Italy, whereas overseas, the company is present in Australia, North America, Mexico, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, United Kingdom, Croatia and Serbia, Baltic States, Russian Federation. 

The success enjoyed by the products and the reliability of the company's sales strategies have helped I.SO Italia to increase its volume of sales by over 24% each year since 1992.

The company's continuous search for quality, and the design and efficiency of its products have ensured that I.SO Italia has become well known and appreciated as one of the most important solarium manufacturers in Italy and overseas.