About us

Thanks to its latest and advanced technologies, International med-aesthetic Center - La Belle Medical  has taken its significant and worthy place in the field of aesthetic medicine from the very beginning of its establishment – depending on safe and painless procedures, enjoyed by patients.

La Belle Medical is equipped with latest models of ultra-modern equipment; it is known for its high quality of services; the company is staffed with professional stockholders. The clinic is staffed with dermatologists who regularly undergo training courses in Israel and attend courses trained by the specialists from Europe; also they participate in international congresses and symposiums organized in different countries of Europe.

La Belle Medical offers a variety of services: Sharplight`s multifunctioning device from Israel, latest solarium equipment from Italy, contour plastic, cosmetological services, medical tourism (treatment in the leading hospitals of Israel) and a sport gym.

La Belle Medical is the exclusive representative of the world known brand “SharpLight” in the Caucasus.

SharpLight is unique, non-invasive equipment. It’s the newest technology, tested in the leading countries of the world. This multifunctional device provides medical, aesthetical and dermatological features and designed for the procedures such as:

Painless hair removal from face and body surfaces by a freezing method of DPC technology;

Cellulite reduction with the latest (RF and IR) technology;

Laser peeling;

Acne treatments;

Removal of age and sun spots;

Surface capillary removal;

Scar bleaching;

Pore narrowing;

Skin rejuvenation.

You can exclusively test SharpLight’s LASER, RF, IR and DPC technologies only at  LA BELLE MEDICAL; these technologies are approved in the leading countries of the world and their effect supersedes the surgical interventions.

La Belle Medical also offers highly equipped solarium, which provides maximum effect and safety–I.SO Italia, which can be easily called an European standard of tanning in Georgia. Its glass has many protective layers; the device regulates the action of the rays according to skin type, which leads to a safe tan.